2018 National Faith & Sexuality Survey – Media

Press Coverage of Results

Read Press Release for February 20th 2019

BBC One Nolan Live – Jayne speaks to Stephen Nolan about the dangers of conversion therapy, BBC One Northern Ireland, March 6th 2019 (from 42:30 mins)

C4 News broke the story – Minnie Stephenson interviews Jayne, along with Bishop Paul Bayes and Ed Prout regarding the results of the 2018 Faith & Sexuality Survey, February 20th 2019 Wednesday 20th February 2019

BBC R4 Sunday Programme (listen at 29:40) – February 24th 2019

Fifth of gay Brits who try to change sexuality attempt suicide, survey says – Reuters, February 20th 2019

Questions Raised on Conversion Therapy Ban – Church Times, February 20th 2019

Conversion therapy can result in mental illness, poll finds – The Guardian, February 20th 2019

One fifth of gay cure therapy survivors have attempted suicide, survey finds – Pink News, February 20th 2019

Gay people are being forced to have straight sex as part of ‘conversion therapy’ requested by religious leaders, Church survey reveals – Daily Mail, February 21st 2019

Gay Christians in UK forced to have straight sex in ‘gay cure therapies’ – shock survey – Express, February 21st 2019

Faith and Sexuality Survey results published – Thinking Anglicans, February 21st 2019

New study directly links ‘conversion therapy’ to reports of suicide, self-harm and eating disorders – Gay Times, February 21st 2019

Conversion therapy leads to high rate of suicidal thoughts among survivors – Gay Star News, February 21st 2019

Survey Reveals Impact of Conversion Therapy on Mental Health – Happiful Magazine, February 21st 2019

Conversion therapy report reveals ‘urgent’ need for safe-guarding – Christian Today, February 21st 2019

Gay conversion therapy is ‘scarring’ people, report warns Church – Premier Christian Radio, February 21st 2019

Premier Christian Radio News Hour (listen 10mins in) – February 21st 2019

LGBQ+ children ‘harmed by gay-conversion therapy’ Matthew Wright Talk Radio (listen at 1505) – February 21st 2019

Survey finds religious leaders are forcing people to change their sexual identity – Church of England Newspaper, February 22nd 2019

Read Press Release for December 9th 2018

Faith groups to defy ban on ‘gay cure’ therapy – Sunday Times, December 9th 2018

Church of England bishops back inquiry into gay conversion therapy – Pink News, December 9th 2018

Church of England bishops to start inquiry into so-called ‘gay cure’ therapies that can involve counselling or even ‘corrective rape’ – Daily Mail, December 9th 2018

Church of England bishops back conversion therapy inquiry – Gay Star News, December 10th 2018